First Light Fusion (FLF) is researching ICF with novel target designs utilising strong shocks driven by hyper-velocity projectiles and EM launch systems. Proprietary target designs are being developed and understood using our in-house front tracking hydrodynamics code Hytrac. Experiments designed to deliver proof-of-concept and numerical benchmarking data focus on the well-known asymmetric cavity collapse case which is challenging to model and produces plasmas with conditions relevant to the warm dense matter (WDM) regime.

Hytrac is being developed from the ground up to deliver a robust multi-physics capability, of which equation of state (EoS), transport, microphysics and radiative effects form core components.


D. A. Chapman, J. D. Pecover, N.-P. L. Niasse and N. Chaturvedi




38th International Workshop on High-Energy-Density Physics with Intense Ion and Laser Beams