First Light Fusion is investigating projectile-driven inertial confinement fusion. The projectiles are driven to velocities of 10-20 km/s by electromagnetic launch on our pulsed power machine, M3. Hyper-velocity projectiles drive strong shocks across material interfaces in our targets. Therefore, the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability (RMI) may be an important factor in determining target performance. Modelling is performed using two in-house codes: Hytrac (2D AMR w/ front-tracking) and B (3D multimaterial resistive-MHD).

RMI benchmarking is important for:

1) validation of hydrodynamic models

2) assessing RMI impact on target designs

Our aim is to develop an RMI modelling capability valid over a range of target setups and suitable for reproducible continuous integration testing.


M. P. Read, D. A. Chapman, N. Chaturvedi, T. Edwards, A. R. Fraser, N. A. Hawker, J. Herring, R. King, N. P.-L. Niasse, J. D. Pecover, D. H. Vassilev, A. Venskus and N. Joiner




11th International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications