First Light Fusion utilises strong shocks, driven by hyper-velocity projectiles. Novel targets are designed with the help of in-house developed hydrodynamic codes. To achieve projectile velocities >10 km/s, First Light Fusion has developed electromagnetic launch capabilities.

Variations of flyer plates are used to achieve high velocities and drive shocks through targets. These facilities are used to benchmark hydrodynamic codes developed inhouse and used to design targets.

This poster outlines the diagnostic capabilities First Light Fusion has implemented for our pulse power machines.


P. Holligan, L. S. Cabarello Bendixsen, T. Clayson, J. Darling, O. Hall, S. Hall, J. Parkin, G. C. Burdiak, H. W. Doyle, P. S. Foster, T. J. Ringrose, J. W. Skidmore, S. N. Bland and S. Theocharous




60th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics