First Light Fusion is researching ICF with novel target designs utilising strong shocks driven by hyper-velocity projectiles and EM launchers. Proprietary target designs are being developed and understood using our in-house front tracking hydrodynamics code Hytrac. Experiments designed to deliver proof-of-concept and numerical benchmarking data are being conducted and generate conditions opaque to probing with optical light.

X-ray radiography of the dynamic density structures occurring during target impacts has been achieved by coupling an X-pinch X-ray source to the FLF two stage light gas-gun launcher (2SLGG).

This is the first time dynamic radiography has been done on a gas-gun using an X-pinch and is already providing valuable experimental shock density information.


P. S. Foster, G. C. Burdiak, H. W. Doyle, S. N. Bland, T. J. Ringrose, J. W. Skidmore and N. A. Hawker




45th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics