First Light Fusion is researching ICF target designs that utilise strong shocks driven by high velocity projectiles and EM launchers. Target designs are being developed and understood using our in-house front tracking hydrodynamics code Hytrac. Hydrodynamics experiments are performed to benchmark the code and our equation of state models. These experiments generate conditions opaque to probing with optical light.

X-ray radiography of the dynamic density structures occurring during target impacts has been achieved by coupling an X-pinch x-ray source to the First Light Fusion two stage light gas-gun.


G. C. Burdiak, P. Allan, P. S. Foster, H. I. Poole, H. W. Doyle, J. W. Skidmore, T. Ringrose, N. A. Hawker and S. N. Bland




60th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics