First Light Fusion is researching ICF with novel target designs utilising strong shocks driven by hyper-velocity projectiles and EM launch systems. Target designs are being developed using our front tracking hydrodynamics code Hytrac.

Phase of shock compressed solids releasing into gas is of particular interest. A solid subject to a strong shock can melt, partially or fully, either on compression or release from the shocked state. The phase of released material depends on a number of factors (shock speed, ambient density, etc.) and can be in a mixed state. Fragmentation can also occur (spallation).

In the case of a shock propagating through a solid-gas interface, i.e. pusher compression of a D2 fill, the state of the releasing solid and its evolution will govern the implosion dynamics of the fuel.

Experiments will provide integrated test of hydrocode and equation-of-state models.


P. Allan, M. R. Betney, T. J. Ringrose, L. Donora, N. Chaturvedi, J. W. Skidmore, G. C. Burdiak, P. S. Foster, H. I. Poole and H. W. Doyle




60th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics