Oxford, UK: First Light Fusion, a global leader in researching energy generation via inertial fusion, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to appear as one of the twelve showcase companies at the UK Department for International Trade’s Global Investment Summit (“GIS”) which takes place on 19th October.

The GIS provides a platform to showcase the UK’s leading position and commitment to Net Zero, and the investment opportunities that this provides across the whole of the UK in the post-pandemic environment. It will highlight the most innovative green technologies and companies already operating in the UK and is part of UK Government’s efforts to strengthen the UK’s business environment and landscape.

First Light Fusion will showcase its unique approach to inertial fusion to 200 of the world’s most prominent decision makers, business leaders, and investors in the UK. At the event, First Light will present for the first time a scale model of its unique pulsed power device, “Machine 3”. Machine 3, which is based in First Light’s Oxford research centre, is capable of discharging up to 200,000 volts and in excess of 14 million ampere – the equivalent of nearly 500 simultaneous lightning strikes – within two microseconds. The £3.6m machine uses some 3km of high voltage cables and another 10km of diagnostic cables. Similar to a railgun, it uses electromagnetism to fire projectiles at velocities in excess of 15 km/s.

Machine 3 is key to advancing First Light’s inertial fusion approach. This branch of fusion research seeks to obtain the conditions for fusion by exposing the fusion fuel to extremely high compression in a very short time. It then exploits the fuel’s own inertia to maintain those conditions long enough to trigger the fusion reaction. First Light chose a single-sided input approach to sidestep three major challenges of other fusion technologies: managing the intense heat flux, preventing neutron damage to structural materials, and generating the required tritium fuel.

Dr Nick Hawker, CEO of First Light Fusion said:

“We are confident the UK has the potential to become the world leader in fusion technology and believe the Government shares this vision. Foreign investment, alongside UK Government backing, combined with the ambition and scientific expertise of the UK’s fusion scientists, will be critical in helping accelerate our journey towards developing a commercial fusion energy platform and for the UK to fulfil its net zero targets. We are delighted to be supporting the Global Investment Summit, which is showcasing the very best in British innovation, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with prospective international investors.”

Minister for Investment Gerry Grimstone said:

“The Global Investment Summit will put UK innovation on the map and demonstrate how we can use investment to nurture technological developments and propel our economy towards a more prosperous, exciting future.

"Our showcase businesses show why the UK is a global hub for green technology, and I am proud that First Light Fusion will be presenting their innovative electromagnetic launcher to some of the world's most high profile investors at the summit.

"Our industries of the future like fusion energy will not only help ensure a cleaner, greener planet but also create high value jobs in Oxford and across the UK.”

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About First Light Fusion

First Light Fusion was spun out from the University of Oxford in 2011 to address the urgent need to decarbonise the global energy system. First Light’s inertial confinement approach aims to create the extreme temperatures and pressures required for fusion by compressing a target using a projectile travelling at massive speed (a pulse). First Light’s approach to fusion, which is safe, clean, and virtually limitless, has the potential to transform the world’s energy system. Unlike existing nuclear, there is no long-lived waste, no meltdown risk, and raw materials can be found in abundance.