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Job ref: 138

Mechanical Design Engineer

We are looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer to join our growing Engineering Design Team. You will be responsible for the mechanical design of assemblies related to experimental campaigns on our electromagnetic launchers and light gas guns.

Job ref: 137

Shock Physics Group Lead

This role is to lead the Shock Physics Group, reporting to the Head of Experimental Physics. The Group will be responsible for designing and carrying out experiments to optimise, diagnose and investigate shock physics phenomena, focusing primarily on First Light’s amplifiers.

Job ref: 136

Electromagnetic Launch Design Engineer

In this role, you will use our in-house magneto-hydrodynamics codes to understand how to take the energy delivered by our machines and convert it to projectile motion.

Job ref: 135

Research Engineering Technician

Our suite of experimental diagnostics has now been centralised and can be run on any of our 2 pulsed power facilities or 2 stage light gas guns. You will assist in the operation, maintenance and development of these capabilities.

Job ref: 134

Pulsed Power Load Design, Group Lead

The pulsed power load design group are responsible for all vacuum hardware, including the magnetically insulated transmission line (MITL), posthole convolute and flyer plate load.

Job ref: 133

Core Pulsed Power Group Lead

The core pulsed power group are responsible for all hardware external to the vacuum chamber; Marx banks, capacitor charging, switching, transmission lines, diagnostics and ancillary equipment.

Job ref: 132

Control & Safety Group Lead

The controls and safety group are responsible for developing machine control and safety systems which enable our world-class science programme.

Job ref: 127

Lead Scientist, Target Design

In this role you will work with the Head of Department to oversee work on target design at FLF, managing a group of scientists and engineers.

Job ref: 120

Fusion Target Design Engineer

In this role, you will work on inertial fusion targets through all stages of development, from basic theory through to final specification of designs for experiments. You will use our in-house simulation tools to invent new ideas and approaches, utilising a machine-learning based approach to optimise concepts.

Job ref: 112

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

We are growing the Pulsed Power team, who is responsible for the design, construction, and operation of our pulsed power fusion machines.

Job ref: 112

Pulsed Power Engineer

We are looking for Pulsed Power Engineers to join our team. The Pulsed Power team develops and operates extremely high-energy pulsed discharge machines.

Job ref: 107

Senior Systems Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Systems Engineer to join our team and lead the systems integration on what is expected to be the largest pulsed power facility in the world.