Job Description

We are looking for a Senior HPC Engineer to join us, with strong experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining High Performance Computing platforms. You will be working to support our existing HPC cluster of over 10,000 cores and be instrumental in delivering future expansion to support the company as we grow. The successful candidate will have experience with specifying a system to meet simulation requirements through to implementation and providing ongoing support for our simulation team.

You will be supporting all aspects of the cluster, including storage, scheduling, and optimisation. As part of a small IT team, you will work closely with the Numerical Physics team to identify and resolve issues, and on occasion be required to support the IT systems engineers in their role. Our high-performance capacity is key for our Numerical Physics team to produce our simulations that are used to inform decisions on future design.

This role will be ideal for those looking to join and take ownership of the cluster and be instrumental in future expansion and development.

Responsibilities will include

  • Working with the IT and Numerical Physics teams to support the existing HPC platform.
  • Implement and optimise high-speed storage.
  • Benchmarking existing codes and optimising hardware/software to deliver the best performance.
  • Regular maintenance of the cluster to reduce downtime.
  • Collaboration with suppliers to design and deliver future expansion program.
  • Development of job submission scripts.


  • Degree in Computer Science, or similar.
  • In depth knowledge of Linux, High Performance Computing, and high-speed interconnect networking.
  • In depth knowledge of high-performance storage
  • Understanding of scheduling systems
  • High level scripting experience
  • Fast and effective problem-solving skills and a methodical approach to work
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills


  • Containerisation
  • Familiarity with deployment tools
  • Prior work on air-gapped networks
  • Experience with HPC accounting databases