Job Description

First Light Fusion is designing the world’s largest pulsed power machine, Machine 4. This will be a circa 100MJ, multi-megavolt, short pulse machine capable of driving currents in excess of 45 MA in our loads. The primary purpose of this machine will be to electro-magnetically launch high-velocity projectiles, in order to test FLF’s novel ‘projectile fusion’ concept.

The pulsed power load design group are responsible for all vacuum hardware, including the magnetically insulated transmission line (MITL), posthole convolute and flyer plate load. Supported by the wider pulsed power team and a world-class simulation and experimental capability, the post holder will drive forward First Lights’ capabilities and understanding of power flow physics and electromagnetic launch.

In this role you will work with the Head of Department and other Group Leasers to oversee work on load design at FLF, managing a group of scientists and engineers. You will develop the people, tools, and practices to enable the experimental work on M4 and our other world-class pulsed power drivers.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Helping to provide strategic vision for pulsed power load design, development, and realisation at the company
  • Line management of a small but rapidly growing sub-team of scientists and engineers
  • Using schematic capture, circuit simulation and other modelling and simulation tools
  • Providing expert engineering/scientific input to multidisciplinary teams
  • Producing analysis and calculations for design work
  • Provision of support and training to the wider FLF technical team.


  • Degree in Physics, Engineering or similar
  • Knowledge of electromagnetic/multi-physics simulation tools
  • Ability to perform calculations and analysis associated with physics and electrical engineering
  • Knowledge of health and safety matters relating to pulsed power systems
  • Passion for fusion and for taking a bold approach to a high-risk transformational technology
  • Fast and effective problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure to tight deadlines
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills


  • Experience solving complex engineering problems in a scientific environment
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver to agreed objectives and manage resources using project management techniques